Super Spring Sale

Weekly Lockdown Giveaway

Every week until lockdown ends we’ll be giving away a bunch of free Pro subscriptions on Discord, Twitter and Facebook. How can you get your hands on one? It’s easy!

Step 1 – On your marks!

Follow us on your favourite social media platform. Or all of them! If you’re not sure where you can follow us, you can join our Discord server or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Step 2 – Get set!

Keep you eyes peeled every Wednesday. At some random time during the day, we will post that week’s challenge. We’ll post simultaneously to all three platforms but It will be a different time each week so stay on your toes.

Step 3 – Go!

And now the fun part! Use FBX to record yourself completing the challenge and then share your uploaded video with us as follows:

  • Discord – Simply paste a link to your uploaded video in the Giveaway channel on our server.
  • Twitter – Tweet your video @FBX_recorder
  • Facebook. – Post your video @FlashBackXGameRecorder

The Rules

Each challenge will run until all of the subscriptions have been claimed or until the next challenge is posted.

You can take part via as many platforms as you like but you can only win one subscription – if you place in the top 10 for more than one platform, you will be awarded the subscription on the platform you posted to first.

If you have won a previous challenge, you can still take part but it will just be for fun

We encourage you to be as creative as you want when coming up with solutions for completing the challenges but the final decision on whether you have successfully done it will always be ours.

In the case that we rule that your attempt doesn’t quite meet the criteria to complete the challenge, you are free to try again with another video.

And don’t worry we’ll let you know when all the subscriptions allocated to a particular platform have been won so you can try your luck on one of the platforms that still has some subscriptions left to be claimed instead.

The Winners

The first 10 contestants to share their video of the successful completion of the challenge on each platform will become the proud owner of 1 year Pro subscription.

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